If You Could Be King/Queen for a Day…

Special Guest Bob Jewell, CEO of Omega Leadership Group

We had a great live audience turnout for the latest episode of “PDU For Lunch” featuring leadership veteran Bob Jewell of Omega Leadership Group.  Did you miss it? No worries, you can view the recording  (and still earn a PDU toward maintaining your PMI certification!)


Bob Jewell polled the audience on a number of interesting points about the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) and challenged the use of some very common terms like “scope” and “critical path.”

Bob suggests that we abandon the term “scope” and focus richer conversations on the key components of: 1) Business Need/Objective,  2) Deliverables, and     3) Activities. Being more targeted and specific in our conversations with partners and team members avoids misinterpretation.

As for “critical path”, Bob contends that the term is over-used and misunderstood.  He points out the near-impossibility of having all the elements to make “critical path”accurate and therefore useful– so why fool ourselves about using the concept to make project decisions. While it may be a useful tool in the planning stages to gain an overview of how the project pieces fit together, relying on this measure can spell disaster.

What do you think? Watch the recording and leave your responses below.

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