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Things Are Out of Control, What Do I Do?

Thanks to guest blogger Luis Seabra Coelho for this insightful contribution on what to do when your project is in chaos. See more about Luis at the bottom of this post and follow his blog Ah-Ha Moments for more resources.

Luis Seabra Coelho

Guest Blogger Luis Seabra Coelho of "Ah-Ha Moments"

Here’s a three- part guide to get a grip on things when they’re gone wild.

And I don’t mean out of control like when a task is a day late. I mean out of control like when 6 months passed by and you couldn’t even install a piece of software on a computer. Did it ever happen to you? What did you do then? My suggestion is this three- part guide. It’s a recipe of mine that starts with “Why?”, then requires some KISSing and finally, a dash of common sense (in fact, all you can use).

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A Case of the Jitters…?

emotional intelligence anxiety

We All Get The Jitters Sometimes

I had an unusual experience a couple of days ago: I got nervous right before a client presentation. It was more than the typical adrenalin surge that happens right before I hit a stage, or stare into a live camera with a reporter on the other end. This was the real jitters.

The funny thing is that I was on the phone with a friend with whom I’m partnering on this proposal, as we waited for his client to come on the line.  So you’d think I’d be even more relaxed since my pal was there with me. He happens to be kicking-“a” in his own consulting practice, and I have a high degree of confidence in him– someone I’d trust to carry the entire conversation without me. To top that off, the workplace Emotional Intelligence program we’re presenting is so authentically from our cores that we don’t need scripted pitches. Not only do we know our stuff– we “are” our stuff. So what’s to be nervous about?

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