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PMI Certification: Is it Worth It?

Is Certification Worth It?

As I speak to audiences about the importance of soft skills and emotional intelligence in project management, inevitably I’m asked my opinion on the value of a  certification from the PMI (Project Management Institute) such as the PMP (Project Management Professional.) This topic is very polarizing in our professional community.  The camps generally divide into :  1) Those who sought the PMP on their own and found it to be an excellent training opportunity; 2) Those who were required by their employer or felt pressured by the job market to obtain it; and, 3) Those who are active resisters or were just never required to get one.

First off, let me state clearly that I do not have a PMI certification. Heresy, you say? Well, the reality is that the PMP certification gained prominence at a time when I was already firmly established in my career. My employers, knowing my skills and track record, never pushed for me to obtain it.

So is there a value in having the PMI certification? My strong answer is… it depends. Let’s look at the requirements and costs, and then I’ll tell you what I really think. Continue reading


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The Project Manager as Orator: Top Ten Presentation Tips

Project Management requires a broad range of skills. I joke sometimes that it requires being a “coach, den mother, drill sergeant, teacher, and therapist”—all rolled into one.

In addition to understanding project management methodology and group dynamics, we are often called upon to serve as spokesperson for the team.  We find ourselves standing in front of a room full  of executives explaining the project or requesting funding.  This  adds “orator” to the long list of leadership skills we must command.

Presentation Skills Are Essential

The ability to speak in front of an audience doesn’t come naturally for many of us. It may surprise some to know that I started out twenty years ago absolutely terrified to even introduce myself in a group meeting.  I can attest that training and practice can produce a presenter who actually loves to be on stage. If this is something that doesn’t come naturally to you, don’t be concerned. For most people, it requires training and practice. Continue reading

A Second Chance to Earn a PDU… and Hang With Me!

If you weren’t among the 660 people who attended the Project Whisperer Webinar live on December 14th, here’s a second chance. Our sponsor The Project Management Bookstore is making available the recorded version for free at:

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For those of you maintaining your PMI certifications, follow the instructions at the end of the webinar to claim your PDU.

Sneak Preview: New Series “PDU For Lunch”

Want a Free PDU? Watch the new animated video I just posted.

PDU For Lunch, Pam Stanton: The Project Whisperer

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Have a Happy 2011, and a Laugh!

Got the “back to work blues”? Here’s a little video I created to give you a smile. Happy 2011!