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Time Management: Never Say “No”… Just Say “Maybe!”

time management

Just Say Maybe!

Lessons in Time Management reinforce a foundational concept—learning to say “No.” To own your time, you’re supposed to be comfortable saying “No!” to those time bandits who toss their emergencies onto your lap, or bypass protocols for approvals, or whatever. “Just Say No” is touted as the fundamental  tool in managing your workload and priorities.

Personally, I hate saying or hearing “No.” It’s so final. It’s so inflexible. It lacks creativity. It shuts down any alternatives. While it may preserve your personal schedule, what’s it actually doing to move the issue forward?

There’s another way to handle this situation. Continue reading


Connecting the Dots

Connect the Dots was one of my favorite childhood pastimes.  There’s that page full of numbered splotches, beckoning your pencil to trace that first line from #1 to #2. Slowly as you work through the maze, an image emerges. What’s it going to be? The anticipation builds. Oh, there’s an eye.  A tiger? Nope, it’s got a fin. A shark? What’s this round thing…oh, that’s a shell! And right before your eyes emerges a graceful dolphin, out of that seemingly random mess of dots.

I still love to connect the dots in life, even though these challenges, unfortunately, rarely come with a sequenced number map. Continue reading

Under What Circumstances Is This Behavior Acceptable?

Have you ever been really aggravated by someone’s rude or annoying behavior? You know–that idiot tailgating  you on a 25 mph road? Or that selfish jackass smoking right under the sign that says “No Smoking in This Area”? How about the arrogant guy at work—whose name is Dick—who walks right past you in the hallway and ignores your chirpy greetings?

Some days it feels like we’re in the movie “The Sixth Sense”… but instead of seeing dead people, we see obnoxious people. They are everywhere. Or are they? Sometimes, just sometimes, when we see the enemy, we realize it’s our self. Continue reading