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Empowerment: Are You Walking the Talk?

Empowerment. Such a woody word, as Monty Python would quip. Unfortunately, it’s joined other “Business Bullshit Bingo” buzzwords like “Alignment”, “Accountability” and “Leverage” –overused and diluted to the point of becoming meaningless.

We talk a lot about empowering our employees, but what does that really mean? Generally, it means we want them to make decisions on their own, instead of coming to The Boss for all the answers. We want them to “Think Outside the Box” (another popular square on Bullshit Bingo.) “Surprise and delight our customers”, we entreat. “Use your heads! Be the face of the company! Do good things!”

Lovely words, and lovely concepts, until someone screws up. It’s how you act THEN that truly defines how much you’ve empowered your employees. Continue reading


Take Your Lumps… And Do Something With Them!

Most organizations have some sort of performance feedback mechanisms. While we all try to be grown-ups and accept “constructive criticism”, it is a natural human tendency to embrace the feedback which is consistent with our own beliefs, and discard that which does not match. Or we rationalize it away, thinking “Oh, he’s just jealous of me”, or “She’s got an attitude problem herself!!”
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Project World Conference, Nov. 9 – 11, Orlando FL.

Exciting news! I’ll be delivering a “Project Whisperer” workshop at the upcoming ProjectWorld conference in Orlando, Nov. 9 – 11th.

As a speaker, I can offer 20% discount tickets to my network… contact me if you’re interested.