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Changing the Question

Read my guest blog “Changing the Question” on life coach Bruno LoGreco’s site:


Creating The Path of Least Resistance

Project Managers face a tough leadership challenge. Typically, the people assigned to your project team are not direct reports, and yours is just one of several projects they’re doing simultaneously.  It can be hard getting them to focus on your project–to submit regular status updates, to attend meetings, and so on.

As a Project Manager, you have to dig deep into your tool bag for ways to exert influence without authority.   Continue reading

Hope to See You at the Bloomsbury Arts Festival

I’m getting excited about my first photography show and sale, this coming weekend Sept. 24-25th at the Bloomsbury Arts Festival. It’s a fun event with food and activities for the kids. If you’re around, stop by and say hello– I’ll be in a bright red tent. Hope to see you there!

See this link for more details:

Whistle a Happy Tune

When starting a new project, especially one that is large and complex or highly visible, most people are a little leery. This is a natural human reaction– who wants to sign on for failure, right?  Few corporate cultures reward mistakes, and in some, being associated with a failed initiative is career suicide.

This fear of failure can become a self-fulfilling prophecy if people distance themselves from your project. The best “A-team” players will find ways to dodge participation, and everyone else will do their best to keep at arm’s length. Without strong engagement, any project is doomed from the start. Continue reading

Recognition For Real

There’s a lot of lip service paid to team recognition, but too often it’s done poorly, or not at all, at the end of a project.

Recognition can come in many forms which I classify generally into three categories: Visibility, Awards, and Career Opportunity. Continue reading