First Art Show for Perspectives Gallery!

Got great news today! My portfolio of fine art photography was accepted into into the 11th Annual Bloomsbury Fine Art & Fine Craft Festival, an outdoor juried show and sale which runs September 25 – 26th.

Now, I don’t how selective they are… so I would have been REALLY bummed had my application been rejected. Especially since the application required a photo of my booth, which entailed setting up the whole rig in my driveway on a 100-degree day, recruiting my kids to assemble 15 wooden easels, hauling out the large framed pictures, snapping a few shots, and then undoing it all in reverse.

So I’ll be there September 25-26th in the charming village of Bloomsbury, NJ. My tent is bright screaming red– thought I’d go for something different than the usual white canopy. Hope to see you there. I’ll send out a reminder before the event.


One response to “First Art Show for Perspectives Gallery!

  1. I’ll be there! I looked at your site a while back–your work is beautiful!!

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