“If I Only Had A…”

Welcome to Heart, Brains, & Courage,  the name of this blog, and also the parent entity for “Pam Stanton, The Project Whisperer.”

Heart, Brains, & Courage LLC is what happens as I pull the ripcord on the parachute of my career. Or, as we now say in homage to the Jet Blue flight attendant, “Hit the Slide.” Heart and courage, for sure… but brains, well the jury is still out.  I’m ready, though, to trust that the answers I seek were always within.

I invite you to join my adventure. Or at least subscribe to the blog to be among the first to know if I crash and burn 🙂  Either way, it will be nice to have you along.


4 responses to ““If I Only Had A…”

  1. I’m in! Love the wording here… looking forward to keeping up with your new adventures!

  2. Crash and burn? That’s where I’m a viking! Great title. Project Whisperer…hmmm, is that the equivilent of speaking softly and carrying a large project for a client? Or is that the polite version of Larry, Daryl and Daryl’s company, “Anything for a buck” which personally, was my favorite company name ever–well next to google, but that’s also taken.

    Good luck with the launch. Sounds exciting. PS: Boo wants a commission for her likeness and image. Cookies will suffice. Check her new twitter account: @boofeld for the random thoughts of a puggle through the hands of an old guy. What can I say, we were bored last week. Hope everyone is well and best of luck with this venture…whatever it turns into! xxox

  3. Jen Lopata Grubb

    Good luck Pam! You are going to do great!

  4. Karen Skellington

    Congrads Pam! I know you are going to be successful, you are in everyting you do. Wishing you the best and look forward to following you in your venture. It’s great to learn from the best.

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